About Us

In June, 2006, founder and owner Brian Monroe launched SconeWild, pursuing his “wild” passion for scones and realizing his dream of offering a natural, delicious treat of the highest quality to customers. Brian had baked scones for family and friends for several years, and was delighted by the rave reviews. Although well known and loved in parts of Europe, scones have had a mixed reputation in the United States. “Dry and tasteless” are among the less rude descriptions that Brian heard of typical store bought scones. SconeWild’s mission is to change that view, and to introduce America to scones the way they should be, delicate, rich, and bursting with flavor.

Preservative-free, our scones are made the old-fashioned way. The ingredients are carefully measured and mixed, and each scone is cut out separately, in exactly the same way you would make them at home. Brian personally guarantees the all-natural goodness of each scone. There are no compromises in quality. No corners are cut. The way we see it, we are baking for our family, a very, very large family.